watermelon haze

This is as pure a Sativa as it watermelon haze gets—but without any edginess or nervous anxiety. You get a soda-like and chemical scent that pairs well with the energy and euphoria you’ll undoubtedly be experiencing. The smoke on this one is very lovely and it makes for a perfect nighttime event. As it has a near candy-like flavor, most who try it really do enjoy it!
This pure Sativa will not produce the anxious or nervous feelings, which are sometimes associated with pure Sativa and Haze varieties. Depending on when they were harvested and if they were grown outdoors or not, they may be completely purple, with crimson pistils, which makes for quite a sight. The aroma is of flowers, soda and chemicals, while the flavors is sweet and candy-like. Watermelon Haze would make a great wake-n-bake strain, as it gets users up and moving about, while producing down-to-earth, clear thinking. Medical Uses: Depression, arthritis, ADHD, migraines